An electronic kit with AR and circuit checking
Tapanda is a kit for teaching children circuits, Arduino and programming.

It visualizes what's happening in the circuit. Gives tasks and checks their correctness.

Boosts children's interest and relieves teachers.
See how it works:
The kit is designed for both children's robotics clubs and school physics course.
It can also be used in summer camps and one-time workshops.
Age of children - from 10 to 18.
Tapanda is a large breadboard with many electronic elements on it.
The breadboard connects to a computer. There is a special software for it.
The software shows on the screen the circuit and the currents in it.

It has built-in electronic textbook. The software gives tasks and checks that the children are doing them correctly.

The breadboard has built-in arduino controlled with the scratch.
Visualization on the screen helps children to understand the physical processes in the circuits.

Thanks to this, they learn material more quickly. Children don't have time to lose interest.

The teacher no longer needs to come to each student to check tasks. He can walk behind them, monitor their progress (it is shown in the corner of the screen), and provide assistance as needed.
Elements on the board:
1 Arduino
13 Resistors
5 Capacitors
1 Inductor
4 LED 4 шт.
1 Three color LEDs
1 Rectifier diode
3 buttons
2 taggle switches
1 Rheostat
1 Buzzer
1 Photoresistor
1 Phototransistor
1 Potentiometer
1 Reed switch
1 Relay
3 transistors
1 seven segments indicator

Price per one kit
includes all necessary manuals and software
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